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Social Security Administration Expedited Processing for Veterans

The Social Security Administration, SSA, will begin to offer expedited processing to veterans with permanent and total, P&T, service connected compensation benefits from the Veterans Benefits Administration, VBA.  The 100% Permanent & Total Veterans Initiative  will go into effect  on March 17th and allow severely disabled veterans a fast track to Social Security Disability, SSD, benefits.

The SSA also has awarded expedited processing to disabled veterans who were wounded on or after October 1, 2011, Disability Benefits For Wounded Warriors  regardless of their compensation rate.

There is no guarantee that because you are determined to be P&T disabled by the VBA  that you will automatically qualify for SSD.   It is more likely in fact that the SSA will determine a veteran to be P&T disabled and the VBA to deny the veteran’s claim for P&T compensation.  The SSA will consider all disabling conditions, however the VBA will only consider the service connected disabilities when determining the compensation rate.  For more on the Compensation Rate Table refer to TDIU vs. 100% Schedular.

The nations wounded veterans, whether P&T or not, whether World War II Era, Korean Era, Vietnam Era, Peace Time Era or during the Gulf War Era, are entitled to expedited processing in their claims for Social Security Disability.

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